Motivated Seller Lead Call back Script



Hi ___________(seller name), my name is _______, and I’m calling you because I see that you just spoke with one of our representatives about selling your house at ___________ (street number and name.) Is that right?

Great! I’m calling to follow-up to see if your property fits our criteria and we can buy the property. Do you have a minute to go over a few questions?

Ok thanks. Now I see that the reason you’re looking to sell the house is ___________________, is that right?

And what kind of work would the property need in order to be in tip-top shape and sell for tip-top dollar? (write answers down)

And what time frame are you looking to sell the house by?

Ok that could work, and let me ask you, what do you estimate that the property is worth in its current condition?

Ok, last question before we decide how to move forward together: given the current condition of the property and today’s real estate market, what price would you be willing to sell the property at?

What is the best email address for you, so we can send over the offer?

Ok that’s great. No promises here, but from what you’re telling me, it sounds like this is a property that the investors would be willing to purchase.

Ok Mr./Mrs.___________, the next step is for us to come by so we can take some photos of your property and tell you more about our company and how we can help you with this property, including telling you exactly how much we’ll be able to pay for it.

Which would work better for you to meet, later today or tomorrow?

Ok lastly, I’ll probably call or text you to confirm the appointment 1-2 hours in advance, but because I’m putting your meeting directly in my calendar, you’re 100% confirmed, OK? Now this is very important: if anything changes and for any reason you can’t make the meeting, then just call me back, and let me know, OK?

It was great to talk with you, and I sincerely hope that we can help you with your house situation!


NOTE: Once details have been filled out, send an email to with all the details of the call.